Introduction to the EPCO Software

Testing the Reliability

In order to evaluate the reliability of our morphological scoring system several experiments were performed. In experiment A six observers examined photographs of 5 eyes each (interindividual-reliability). In experiment B the same observer scored the PCO of three eyes on 5 different days (intra-individual reliability). In experiment C different photographs of the same eye were evaluated.


Morphological PCO-scores were found to be very reliable. With PCO-scoring ranging from 0 to 4, the inter-individual reliability revealed standard deviations between 0.08 and 0.25. The intraindividual-reliability showed standard deviations between 0.06 and 0.19 of the mean individual PCO-scores. The standard deviation was 0.12 when scoring different photographs of the same eye.

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Last update: 10/24/2020